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Stem Cell Donor Registry   - Details
Stem Cell Registry- Take Action by joining Bharat Stem Cell partner events. Connect with others, be a stem cell donor and save life.

Buhay Party-List - Buhay Hayaan Yumabong   - Details
Buhay Party-List is an organization that acknowledges the sanctity and value of human life as the most fundamental element of society and recognize the rights of individuals disadvantaged by age, sickness and disability. We implore the aid of the Divine Providence in order to advance their welfare, to the end that a just and humane society, defined by the truth, freedom, fairness, political stability, and due regard for human rights and dignity.

Moyash   - Details
India has a population of 1.22 billion, out of which 360 million people are living BPL. The ratio of doctors to people is 1:2000, as compared to the ration in US or developed countries. Moyash (MY shah Health Care), an NGO based in Bangalore, India, is making an effort, reaching out to underprivileged people suffering from cancer, especially children. They suggest people to change the current Equation of Health care System and support them.

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